With rice jobs performed all over the world USFGIS pride itself to be an expert and leader in rice.

USFGIS continues to build its success in the rice industry through offering our clients second to none services that deliver on versatility and convenience.

With experienced full time Rice Inspectors and Graders on staff, and an additional 30 well trained part time employees available throughout the season we safeguard your products throughout the supply chain.

In the USA or overseas, USFGIS offers a variety of rice inspection services:

Preload Inspection at Mills and Vessel Loading Supervision

  • Sampling of each lot representing shipment.
  • Constitute an overall composite sample from samples obtained.
  • Grade the composite sample in accordance with USDA No. 2 parameters
  • Test Weighing random bags representing shipment for average weights
  • Test Weighing at random empty polypropylene bags and record findings
  • Observe packing as defined
  • Record markings on bags, front and back, as defined
  • Photos of markings / packing
  • Retain Samples for a period of 90 days
  • Vessel Hold inspection at loading berth just prior to the commencement of loading
  • Hose test
  • Observe visual condition of cargo during the loading where accessible
  • Attendance throughout loading for supervision
  • Daily reporting and photos of loading operation
  • Time Log
  • Sealing of vessel holds upon completion of fumigation

Fumigation Services

  • Preload (spraying holds)
  • Post Load (re-circulation)

Grading and Analytical Services

  • Full Grade as per USDA parameters
  • Aflatoxin (B1)
  • Aflatoxins (total including B1)
  • Ochratoxin (A)
  • Deoxynivalenol
  • Zearalenone
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Iprodione carbendazim
  • Diazinon
  • Fipronil
  • Edifenphos
  • Oxadiazon
  • Benomyl
  • Propicanazole
  • Fenethion
  • Carbaryl
  • Cartap
  • Bacillus Cereous count
  • Mold count
  • GMO Free – Positive or Negative Result Only
  • Radiation
  • Dioxin
  • Phenolic compound

Certificates and Reports

Certificate of Analysis & Non GMO
Certificate of Inspection
Fumigation Certificate
Hatch Sealing Report
Health Certificate
Legalization of Certificates
Packing List
Phyto Sanitary Certificate
Test Report
Certificate of Origin
Hose Test Certificate
Hold Cleanliness Report
Daily Mill Update Reports including Grades & Weights
Daily Vessel Update Reports Supervision Quantity and Damages

Please contact us for detailed scope of services, pricing or any additional requests.