The Global Superintendence Alliance, or GSA™ , was created to deliver solutions around the globe without increasing costs of services or sacrificing expertise.

We work with credentialed and vetted companies who hold strategic industry knowledge.

Each is accredited to industry standards and must complete requirements of the group to continue within the network.

Thus, the GSA™ allows for a true global solution without a true global cost.

Most companies with our network reach are global corporations, which leads to increased costs as each individual office must allocate income to overseeing offices, which in turn allocate income to corporate headquarters.

These allocations, of course, lead to drastic increases in costs passed on to clients.

GSA™ members are smaller, more highly specialized groups with lesser overhead costs.

Therefore, not only do clients receive more competitive rates, but they also typically receive an industry expert truly dedicated to their account.

GSA™ members adopt to set inspection and reporting standards in order for clients to receive the same high quality of service wherever needed in the world.

Our GSA ™ network continues to grow and currently covers the following countries.

AFRICA : Algeria, Benin, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe

AMERICAS : Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, U.S.A., Uruguay, Venezuela

ASIA : Bangladesh, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand

EASTERN-EUROPE : Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia

EUROPE : Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

MIDDLE EAST : Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria

OCEANIA : Australia, New Zealand


At USFGIS L.L.C. we understand that growing a business in a competitive environment is not always easy.

Being part of the Global Superintendence Alliance™ allows you to utilize a larger network and receive greater exposure to grow your business.

By becoming a GSA™ member your company will be able participate in a Global Alliance Network, while still maintaining its own identity.

Most of us don’t operate across 10 different business lines. We specialize and do only that what we are really good in.

Often this means that we can give better service to our customers and observe every detail of a job.

With many years of specialized expertise and know how, we simply care more as our clients business, is our business.

But can we truly compete with other large multinationals that believe that having a network of hundreds of offices worldwide is their strongest value proposition.

YES WE CAN! GSA™ exactly offers this solution by linking qualified and approved companies in to one global network, without the large overhead costs of the multinationals, and have them operate through i-NSPECT ™ to guarantee the use of equal standards, protocols and services throughout the network.

Interested in becoming a GSA™ member, please contact us at for further information on member qualifications and other membership criteria.