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Our mission is to enhance our customers’ business by providing the very highest quality services possible. Our customer support strategy is based upon total, no-compromise customer satisfaction and we continually strive to offer a complete package of up-to-date value added services to meet our customers’ needs.

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Efficiency is a buzz word thrown around the business world, often misconstrued to describe a fast or quick performance. However, speed without precision and accuracy is not only inefficient, but it often leads to nothing but a damaged reputation.

At USFGIS, we understand the full meaning of efficiency and how to implement it in every aspect of our business.
Headquartered minutes from New Orleans, Louisiana, we are centrally located along the Mississippi River and its major exporting facilities.

Our vast backgrounds combine to produce a result second to none in our industry. From laborers, inspectors and auditors to traders and CEOs, we’ve held almost every position in the agricultural industry. We simply possess the knowledge, expertise and tools to get to the market faster than any of our competitors.

Our network reaches all major U.S. ports, and consists of only the most trusted sources in the industry. We verify that all inspectors and administrators in our network can understand, implement and troubleshoot our quality systems and procedures. Each individual is also vetted to ensure confidence in performance and integrity.

When clients place their trust in USFGIS, they rest easy knowing each task will be performed as quickly as possible, with the utmost precision and accuracy.

Efficiency is not just a buzz word at USFGIS; it is our word.



In order to facilitate trade around the globe, visibility is essential in the world’s busiest ports. Therefore, when creating USFGIS BV, the decision to open its headquarters in Rotterdam proved to be a no-brainer. Boasting Europe’s largest port system, Rotterdam allows for access to a plethora of loading and discharge operations which service the entire continent. A central border location also allows for direct access to all major European ports.

USFGIS BV, in cooperation with our partners and affiliates, delivers an uncompromised and superior solution for our clients’ inspection needs. Our group brings many years’ experience in various trade functions and remains in tune with the movement of the market.

Moreover, USFGIS BV receives support and cooperation from USFGIS LLC in order to obtain full working knowledge of overseas shipments. When opting for both U.S. export and European import services, clients can leave the entire quality & quantity process in our capable hands as both offices work together to ensure that goods arrive as stated.

To even further commit to the highest quality standards, EUFGIS is a member of the Global Superintendence Alliance (GSA). The GSA works in every major port and with every major trade product group to secure clients’ peace of mind when buying or selling goods on a contractual basis.

Global trade is our lifeline. In order to secure that lifeline, we remain visible where global trade happens most.



Export of agricultural products to the United States and other South American, Caribbean countries is particularly important. While only about twelve percent of U.S. agricultural exports go to Mexico, about sixty percent of Mexico agricultural exports go to the United States. Mexico’s growing population has made the country a net importer of grains. Significant Mexican agribusiness enterprises have modernized production in Mexico and a large number of U.S. agribusiness enterprises have significant investments in Mexico.

USFGIS S DE R.L. DE C.V. ™ will service a wide variety of National and International clients active in the Agricultural Industry.
It’s focus will be on all major Ports, Domestic Production and (border) Trade. It will further strengthen the presence in Central and South America with services already in existence and will assist in the development of new programs specifically needed for these regions. 

USFGIS S DE R.L. DE C.V. ™ can offer the following services and cover the below mentioned ports in Mexico.

Marine surveys, i.e. draft, condition, off/on hire, bunker, cargo surveys, supervision of loading and/or discharge, for the ports of Altamira, Tampico, Tuxpan, Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos, Dos Bocas, Ciudad del Carmen, Seyba Playa, Progreso, and Puerto Morelos on the east coast. Mazatlan, Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Salina Cruz, and Puerto Chiapas, Ensenada, Guaymas and Topolobampo on the west coast.

Fumigations and Agricultural Surveys. Our fumigator is fully licensed fumigator and is a registered Agriculture Surveyor with the Secretary of Agriculture of Mexico. Our crew complies with all the requirements set by the Mexican Agricultural Authorities and can issue official certificates which will be accepted by the Federal Agricultural Authorities. USFGIS S DE R.L. DE C.V. covers the ports of Manzanillo on the West Coast, and Altamira, Tampico, and Tuxpan on the East coast. Fumigations for all other Mexican ports can be arranged upon request. As a licensed Agricultural Surveyor, we can also certificate agri-products within the country for chemicals, quality, etc.



When clients call on a superintending agency, the agency needs to deliver what is needed in a timely fashion. Late answers lead to shipment discrepancies and potential loss of income for all parties involved. Thus, proximity to our clients determined the location of APFGIS Ltd.
With one of the most diverse markets in the world, Singapore allowed us to tap into a multitude of networks and diversify our services. Singapore touts one of the five largest ports in the world, importing and exporting machinery, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mineral fuels, foodstuffs, etc…

Noting major trade action between Singapore and the U.S., Europe and the remainder of Asia, APFGIS provides an advantage for our global clients in ensuring consistency on export/import activities.

APFGIS services all major Asian ports and markets, and offers a complete solution at competitive rates. As with our U.S. and European offices, our group and its affiliates possess a wide range of expertise. We also receive support and cooperation from USFGIS and EUFGIS to complete the global package.

APFGIS proudly serves as a member of the Global Superintendence Alliance (GSA). The GSA works in every major port and with every major trade product group to secure clients’ peace of mind when buying or selling goods on a contractual basis.
Whether our clients are near or far on the globe, we always promise to be near.



The Global Superintendence Alliance, or GSA™ , was created to deliver solutions around the globe without increasing costs of services or sacrificing expertise.

We work with credentialed and vetted companies who hold strategic industry knowledge.

Each is accredited to industry standards and must complete requirements of the group to continue within the network.

Thus, the GSA™ allows for a true global solution without a true global cost.

Most companies with our network reach are global corporations, which leads to increased costs as each individual office must allocate income to overseeing offices, which in turn allocate income to corporate headquarters.

These allocations, of course, lead to drastic increases in costs passed on to clients.

GSA™ members are smaller, more highly specialized groups with lesser overhead costs.

Therefore, not only do clients receive more competitive rates, but they also typically receive an industry expert truly dedicated to their account.

GSA™ members adopt to set inspection and reporting standards in order for clients to receive the same high quality of service wherever needed in the world.

Our GSA ™ network continues to grow and currently covers the following countries.

AFRICA : Algeria, Benin, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe

AMERICAS : Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, U.S.A., Uruguay, Venezuela

ASIA : Bangladesh, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand

EASTERN-EUROPE : Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia

EUROPE : Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

MIDDLE EAST : Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria

OCEANIA : Australia, New Zealand


At USFGIS L.L.C. we understand that growing a business in a competitive environment is not always easy.

Being part of the Global Superintendence Alliance™ allows you to utilize a larger network and receive greater exposure to grow your business.

By becoming a GSA™ member your company will be able participate in a Global Alliance Network, while still maintaining its own identity.

Most of us don’t operate across 10 different business lines. We specialize and do only that what we are really good in.

Often this means that we can give better service to our customers and observe every detail of a job.

With many years of specialized expertise and know how, we simply care more as our clients business, is our business.

But can we truly compete with other large multinationals that believe that having a network of hundreds of offices worldwide is their strongest value proposition.

YES WE CAN! GSA™ exactly offers this solution by linking qualified and approved companies in to one global network, without the large overhead costs of the multinationals, and have them operate through i-NSPECT ™ to guarantee the use of equal standards, protocols and services throughout the network.

Interested in becoming a GSA™ member, please contact us at info@gsa-member.com for further information on member qualifications and other membership criteria.

Superintendent and Surveyor Member of GAFTA

USFGIS L.L.C. is an official Superintendent and Surveyor Member of GAFTA to carry out contractual superintending and sampling of commodities traded on GAFTA contracts. Click the below link for more information: Superintendent and Surveyor Member of GAFTA


USFGIS L.L.C. OBTAINS ISO 17020 CERTIFICATION! USFGIS L.L.C. is pleased to announce that on December 14, 2016 the accreditation body ANAB awarded USFGIS L.L.C. ISO/IEC 17020:2012 accreditation. The accreditation has been issued under certificate number AI-2101 dated 12/14/2016 for the following field of inspection, including…