In order to facilitate trade around the globe, visibility is essential in the world’s busiest ports. Therefore, when creating USFGIS BV, the decision to open its headquarters in Rotterdam proved to be a no-brainer. Boasting Europe’s largest port system, Rotterdam allows for access to a plethora of loading and discharge operations which service the entire continent. A central border location also allows for direct access to all major European ports.

USFGIS BV, in cooperation with our partners and affiliates, delivers an uncompromised and superior solution for our clients’ inspection needs. Our group brings many years’ experience in various trade functions and remains in tune with the movement of the market.

Moreover, USFGIS BV receives support and cooperation from USFGIS LLC in order to obtain full working knowledge of overseas shipments. When opting for both U.S. export and European import services, clients can leave the entire quality & quantity process in our capable hands as both offices work together to ensure that goods arrive as stated.

To even further commit to the highest quality standards, EUFGIS is a member of the Global Superintendence Alliance (GSA). The GSA works in every major port and with every major trade product group to secure clients’ peace of mind when buying or selling goods on a contractual basis.

Global trade is our lifeline. In order to secure that lifeline, we remain visible where global trade happens most.