At USFGIS LLC we understand that growing a business in a competitve environment is not always easy.

Being part of the Global Superintendence Alliance ™ allows you to utilize a larger network and receive greater exposure to grow your business.

By becoming a GSA ™ member your company will be able participate in a Global Alliance Network, while still maintaining its own identity.

Most of us don’t operate across 10 different business lines. We specialize and do only that what we are really good in. Often this means that we can provide better service to our customers and observe every detail of a job. We do not only have years of specialized expertise and know how, we simply care more as our clients business, is our business.

But can we truly compete with other large multinationals that believe that having a network of hundreds of offices worldwide is their strongest value proposition.

YES WE CAN! GSA ™ exactly offers this solution by linking qualified and approved companies in to one global network and have them operate through i-NSPECT ™ to guarantee the use of equal standards, protocols and services throughout the network.

Interested in becoming a GSA ™ member, please contact us at inquiries@usfgis.com for further information on member qualifications and other membership criteria.

Already an existing GSA ™ member? Simply sign up below and we will create your member profile and forward you your login and password information.

i-NSPECT ™ will not only reduce the traditionally large amount of paperwork used in our industry by about 75 percent, it will also significantly reduce the turnaround times in reporting and production of the necessary documentation and certificates. It will provide our GSA ™ members with the necessary templates for their reports, and will allow all services to be executed according to the same standards and protocols regardless if this is domestic or anywhere overseas.

i-NSPECT ™ seamless web based delivery of reports, documents and electronic certificates.