Buyer, Seller and/or Product Verification Services

Buyer, Seller and/or Product Verification Services

USFGIS verification services.

Trust is important in all business, but especially in international trade, even as it is more difficult to develop.

One of the great forces in the world today is globalization. Clearly the world is flattening as technology drives and facilitates the globalization of culture and markets. However, globalization is much more than reducing technical barriers and transaction costs; it also requires human interaction across cultures and national practices.

Buyers trust in suppliers is critical in international commerce and often buyers have incomplete information about suppliers. Under these conditions, buyers face the risks of selecting incompetent or opportunistic suppliers, impeding transactions between buyers and suppliers.

With representatives in 59 countries USFGIS L.L.C. can assist to verify the existence, track record of your contract party, or verify the existence of inventories about to be contracted.

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