Barge, Truck, Railcar to Container Trans-loading Services

Barge, Truck, Railcar to Container Trans-loading Services

USFGIS offers facilitrade ® trans-loading services for unloading barges and reloading containers in New Orleans with Grains, Oilseeds, By Products. (Corn, Soybeans, Sorghum, DDGS, CGM or Soybean Meal, etc.)

Our trans-loading services from barge in to containers includes the following;

  • unloading the barge and reloading the container
  • trucking of empty to site, loading & returning containers to the Terminal
  • certified weight of cargo i.e. light weight, heavy weight and net cargo weight of trucks
  • bulkhead /safety doors
  • seals
  • organize USDA inspection for grade, weight and/or phyto depending on product*
  • container inspection at loading berth prior to stuffing
  • supervision of load control and sampling throughout container loading
  • supervision and general cargo condition observed during loading
  • supervision of weighing as per full/empty container
  • daily reporting and issuing of certificates and other necessary documents

(barge draft, fumigation and analysis upon request, all other services, if applicable such as but not limited to
*usda/fgis services, launch hire, sample dispatch, courier, etc., at cost)

USFGIS will unload a barge in 2-3 days in to about 60-65 containers with about 18-22 containers per day.

Please schedule your transfer services with us in advance in order to avoid delays.

Please contact us for detailed scope of services, pricing or any additional requests.